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We Passed! 

26/09/2018 - Etch Tech is delighted to announce that we have passed our 3rd yearly audit, and inturn have attained the ISO9001. This is a signal of are unwavering dedication to high standards and quality in our etched component manufacturing. 

PCB Stiffeners & BusBars 

26/01/2018 - We now have a range of PCB stiffeners and busbars available to our clients. Contact us today we will be happy to answer any queries. 

Join The 3D Printing Revolution! 

12/01/2018 - We are happy to announce we now provide 3D printing services. SLS 3D printing is possibly the best way to produce and test your designs so why not contact us today and turn your ideas to life! 

Etch-Tech Welcomes New Employee 

12/01/2018 - Callum joins us today as part of our sales team. He comes with experience in sales and in working with clients to ensure that their needs are fullfilled to the highest standard. 

This Girl Can! 

20/03/17 - We are delighted to welcome Hannah into our customer accounts team. She comes with strong experience in working with clients to ensure that their needs are met, and importantly is a great character to fit our friendly family culture. It's part of our enduring commitment to providing exceptional, personal, customer service and we're sure those who deal with her will apreciate her as much as we do 

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! 

24/12/2016 - Here at Etch Tech, we are proud to be working in an etching wonderland, but were are well aware that Santa Claus is coming to town which means we'll be closing our doors for a little while. We'll be back on 3rd January to handle all of your photo etching requirements, from etched clips, to metal shims and washers, via project consultation and forming tasks. In the meantime, have yourself a merry little christmas, and feel free to drop us an email and, after the boys of the NYPD choir have (stopped) singing, we'll pick up where we left off - chemically etching quality, precision metal components.* 
* And writing punderfully superfluous news posts... (Ed.) 

Come Gather 'round People... 

19/12/2016 - Much like a rolling stone, Etch Tech gathers no moss. We are always on the look-out for our next great acid etching project and have supplied some beautiful acid etched pieces to some very large names. The times aren’t a-changing, and the delivery, yesterday, of our latest project to a particularly high-profile customer, is no exception. For this project we were required to acid etch steel with a high level of detail, with surface picture etching, to give a rustic finish to this acid etched steel panel. We know our customer, Mr. T. Ambourineman, will be as delighted with the results of photoetching process, as we were. Therefore, it is worth noting that UK etching service leaders, Etch Tech, are not on Highway 61, but Little End Road in Eaton Socon, Cambs. In order to arrange a visit to our modern photoetching premises, or to discuss your requirements, then don’t think twice, it’s alright, just contact our dedicated customer service team today! 

A warm Etch Tech Welcome to Peter 

24/11/2016 - Peter joins us today as 'Production Assistant' in Etch Tech's growing production team. Bringing with him considerable experience in production and manufacturing we are sure that Peter will be an asset to the photo etching / chemical milling process here at Etch Tech. As always, this continued investment and growth highlights our dedication and passion for the continuous improvement of our process, product, and customer service. Already offering industry leading lead times on prototyping, short-run, or high volume production of metal components, Etch Tech safeguards against complacency with a never-ending commitment to investment in its future. 

Etch Tech Welcomes a New Member of Staff 

22/11/2016 - Etch Tech are proud to welcome a new member of staff onto the production team. Luca joins us as production assistant, working to ensure the high quality standards of our chemical etching process are maintained. Given Luca's passion and eye for detail we are sure he will fit in well with the dedicated and productive culture we have here at Etch Tech. This investment in Etch Tech's team is a sign of dedication to the sustainable growth, and continuous improvement, of our photo etching / chemical etching process. As UK leaders in etched metal component manufacture, and bespoke etched artwork & architectural design and production, Etch Tech remains perennially committed to improving the service we offer to our valued customers.  

Totem & Taboo 

01/11/2016 - 'Sometimes a panel is just a panel' - Sigmund Freud* - A panel is never just a panel when it has been photo etched by Etch Tech Ltd. We have just supplied the first of some devilishly difficult large metal panels, for the backing of multimedia totems, at the Central Square development in Leeds. That's not a Halloween pun either (that's so yesterday), the panels required a huge amount of intricate detail and finish, with a size of over one square metre. 
However, at Etch Tech we're not 'afraid of responsibility', we love difficult jobs and specialise in large panel etching for a wide variety of uses such as architectural, interior design, or artwork. Rejection of a piece due to complexity is Taboo to us, and our teams of experienced designers and engineers will work with you to make your project a reality. With such specialisation in these immensely bespoke pieces we take great pride in their completion to such a high standard as, after all, 'One day, in retrospect, the panels of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.' 
*We are afreud to admit that artistic license may have been taken with quotations... 

ISO 9001: 2016 

Etch Tech is delighted to announce that it has once again attained the ISO 9001 standard. The is a signal of our enduring commitment to high quality standards in our etched metal components manufacturing. In our precision photo etching / chemical milling process great pride is taken in assuring that the high quality standards, demanded by our customers, are always met. We are constantly examining our the process by which we manufacture our etched metal products, so that we can improve our overall offering.  
Therefore, by choosing Etch Tech as the supplier for for your etched metal components, or etched large metal panels, you can rest assured that our ISO 9001: 2016 certification, and dedication to high quality standards and customer service, means your satisfaction is guaranteed. 
Contact our Customer Accounts Team today to discuss your photo etching requirements. 

New York, New York  

We're going to start 'Spreadin' the news' Etch Tech Is proud to have been chosen as the supplier for large etched stainless steel panels for an installation in the 'Big Apple'. We are very proud to be the UK leader in photo etching large panels, with our exclusive techniques meaning we consistently take on projects that others wont. Our design engineers have extensive experience working with architects, artists, and interior designers to create their bespoke pieces, no matter the scale! We're currently taking a bite out of this etched metal architectural panel project, so stay tuned to our Instagram page to see the results, and in the meantime check out some of our previous artwork, interior design, and architectural metal etching projects! At Etch Tech we really are 'top of the list, king of the hill' when it comes to large panel metal etching, so work with us and... 'Be a part of it!' (Sorry!) 

A Warm Etch-Tech Welcome to Rachel  

27/09/2016 - Rachel will join the the customer accounts team, on 01/11/2016, to assist you with any of your photo etching enquiries. Having worked previously in the photo chemical etching industry, before taking time out to welcome a beautiful baby girl, Rachel has the experience and knowledge to be a real asset to this organisation and our customers. We are delighted to have her on board, and we just know our clients will be too! 

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