When making prototypes you may know that 3D printing is possibly the most effective way to produce and test your designs, however 3D printers are expensive and without the right experience and knowledge cant be used effectivley.Thats where we come in, our dedicated team is here to fullfill your prototyping needs. 

Why You Should Choose Us 

Consistancy - We take great pride in our work and will ensure constant repeatablitiy with no feature variance. 
Accuracy - We use high-fine resolution to ensure extreme accuracy when printing parts. 
Experience - We have a talented and experienced team that are more than capable of priniting high quality parts with our professional 3D priniting machine. 
Quality - We use high quality materials and our professional machine to ensure every part we print is extremely accurate and to the highest quality. 


We take pride in every 3D product we produce, and we offer a wide range of high quality materials to ensure our 3D printed parts are resilliant to wear and tear. We can currently run: PLA, ABS, CPE+, PC, nylon, TPU95A. 

Uses for 3D printing:  

3D printing is changing the way we form parts forever! We are happy to say we now produce our own form tools in house using a state of the art 3D printing machine. Our form tools are produced by our Graphics Design Team to suit your specific needs and requirements.  
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