Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding, by Etch Tech Photo Chemical Etching, in the UK

EMI / RFI Shielding 

Chemical Milling is well established as an ideal solution for EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) challenges, by providing a quick and cost effective method for Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) shielding and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) shielding. We now provide standard sizes of Screening Cans. 
Etch Tech: Specialists in the chemical etching of precision GOBOs


GOBOs, or 'Goes Before Optics', are metal discs which, when placed in front of a light-source, control the shape of the light. Etch Tech have extensive experience in the manufacture and supply of chemically etched GOBOs in Aluminium and Stainless Steel. 
Formed and Gold Plated Contact, by Etch Tech Chemical Milling in the UK

Connectors and Contacts 

For the completion of electronic circuits, where a phsyical connection is required, Etch Tech can provide etched metal connectors and contacts. The etching process is perfect for bulk production of components, with forming and plating available for the finishes of parts. This makes Etch Tech the single-source solution for etched connectors and contacts. 
Etch Tech, Manufacturers of stress-free, durable metal springs, by the chemical machining process

Springs - Formed & Flat 

Etch Tech can supply chemically etched springs with; heat treating; plating; full assembly giving you a finished spring from from a single supply source. This will reduce your outsource time and therefore reduce product lead times. This allows us and our customers to act more responsively in the face of market demand fluctuations. 
set of Harley wing chemically surface etched made for a club to give out as prizes, all manufactured through Chemical Milling.


A feature of Chemical Milling is the ability to etch complex surface detail to a high degree of accuracy. The potential of this process was quickly realised for use in metal signage followed very rapidly by other applications which require surface detail in relief. 
Etch Tech: Manufacturers of High Quality Shims and Washers, Made Using the Chemical Etching Process

Shims & Washers 

Photo chemical etching is the perfect solution for high volume production of shims and washers. Stress and burr-free, Etch Tech shims and washers guarantee durability and ease of fit. 
Etch Tech: Manufacturers of High Quality Metal Gaskets, Made Using the Chemical Etching Process


Metal gaskets and seals are generally used in inhospitable environments, where other materials would lack durability. As chemical Etching provides burr and stress-free gaskets and seals any Etch Tech customer can feel secure in the longevity and durability of our product. 
Etch Tech: Manufacturers of High Quality Fuel Cell Plates, Made Using the Chemical Etching Process

Fuel Cell Plates 

Etch Tech Can manufacture fuel cell plates in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Titanium, with a number of finishes, such as Chromium Nitride, available to customers. Whether you require macro, or micro-engineering, Etch Tech can produce fuel cell plates for even miniaturised fuel cells with micro-channels, with a typical depth ratio of 2:1. 
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Etch Tech: Manufacturers of High Quality Masks, Made Using the Chemical Etching Process


Etch Tech have significant experience in the photo etching manufacture of masks. We offer evaporation mask plating in either Gold or Rhodium. By doing this we can extend the lifecycle of the mask, by protecting it from acidity in cleaning products. 
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Etch Tech: Manufacturers of High Quality Laminations, Made Using the Chemical Etching Process


Etch Tech can call upon more than 30 years of experience in metal laminations. With our electrical steel laminations we provide products that are perfect for winding due to their being burr and stress-free. Etch Tech is able to manufacture and bond stacks of metal laminations (Both E & I), a process which is completely customisable to the requirements of the customer. 
Etch Tech: Experts in Large Panel Photo Chemical Etching, for Artwork, Architectural, and Construction Requirements

Large Panels 

With over 30 years of experience, Etch Tech holds a UK leading position due to being uniquely equipped to handle large panels, supplying large panel etched components to areas such as: 
Private Residences 
Architectural Design 
Artists and Designers 
Interior Specialists 

PCB Stiffeners & BusBars 

Etch-Tech produce PCB stiffeners & BusBars which are often critical to ensure quality and reliablity during manufacture and assembly of PCB's. 
Etch-Tech: UK leaders in Etched Metal Components with Artwork and Architectural Metals.

Artwork & Architectural 

Architectural metals specialises in the design, fabrication, and installation of architectural components, doors, building facades reception areas, works of art, etc. 
Our team of experienced engineers will work closely with owners, architects, contractors, artists and designers, to create bespoke etched installations, and one-of-a-kind masterpieces. 
Etch Tech: Manufacturers of High Quality Encoder Discs, Made Using the Chemical Etching Process

Encoders & Actuators 

Etch Tech have significant experience in prototype through to volume production for a vast range of highly-accurate motion control, measurement, and positioning applications. Our chemically etched components are burr and stress free, with an incredibly fine level of precision. Our flexible, single-source production process is fully equipped to handle any requirements and finishes you have for your etched metal Encoder Disks and etched metal Actuators. 
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Etch Tech: Manufacturers of High Quality Meshes & Filters, Made Using the Chemical Etching Process

Meshes & Filters 

Etch Tech are able to manufacture meshes and filters from a wide range metals, including hardened nickel and stainless steels. Photo etching produces burr and stress free meshes. This results in greater efficiency and material integrity and wouldn't be possible with alternative methods such as punch perforation. 
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Etch Tech: Manufacturers of High Quality Meshes & Filters, Made Using the Chemical Etching Process

Etched Artwork 

Etch Tech have extensive experience in working with high profile artists and designers from all over the world, providing them with high-quality etched metal products. The Photo Etching process in place at Etch Tech Ltd is capable of etching extremely fine detail into metal. We have extensive experience working closely with customers to offer improved design tolerances on our etched artwork projects. Please contact our design engineers so discuss your requirements. 
Etch Tech: Manufacturers of High Quality Metal Clips, Made Using the Chemical Etching Process


Etch Tech supply durable and reliable metal clips. Manufactured by the photo etching process, our clips are stress-free, with a capacity and flexibility for high volume production and adjustment to fluctuations in market demand. 
For any volume of the production of etched metal components, the manufacturing technique of choice is Photo Etching, see below for an in-depth view of the strengths of the process: 
Benefits of the Photo Chemical Etching Process : 
Apertures on both sides as the etchant works on both sides of the metal 
Burr & Stress-free manufacturing method 
Custom parts – you design it – we make it! 
Cost-effective metal component prototyping 
Etch Tech can call on more than 30 years experience in the photo chemical etching of metal components 
High Accuracy 
Low cost tooling 
Industry leading lead times from inception to delivered components 
Prototypes – fast turnaround to meet your needs 
Scalable through Short Run to High Volume 
To find out more about our Photo Etching Process please email, or contact us on 01480 435 548 

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