Checking that the correct colour and shade are used when manufacturing signs for customers to enhance the photo chemical milling process and to so add value to customers with our charging a fortune, thanks to photofabrication.

Screen printing 

Screen printing is a process that adds graphic detail to a large range of shapes and surfaces be the surface flat, curved or convex. 
various filters and meshes manufactured by the photofabrication process the best way to make etched components and meshes.

Chemical Milling 

Chemical milling is a rapid and flexible precision manufacturing technique offering you the option of very short lead times (from 24hrs), together with batch sizes to suit your build program. 
Etch Tech can handle a wide array of electronic file formats for the design and manufacture of metal components.

Electronic Files 

From receiving the drawing, our design team will work with you to ensure that our etched metal component project is a resounding success. At Etch Tech, we really are with you 'From Inception, to Installation' 
Etch Tech's precision photo etching / chemical milling process is capable of cost-effective prototyping, and scaling through to short-run or high-volume production.

Prototyping & High Volume 

The flexibility of the photo chemical machining (etching) process means that we are able to transition easily from the prototyping stage to short-run or high volume production. Therefore, Etch Tech is the single-source solution for all your etched metal component requirements. 
a multitude off parts manufactured through photo chemical milling to insure cost effective manufacturing for the customer.

Forming of Components 

As well as the rapid and flexible solution Etch-tech provides for your flat precision components. You can take advantage of our expertise in manufacturing 3D (formed) parts. 
Etch Tech: Experts in Large Panel Photo Chemical Etching, for Artwork, Architectural, and Construction Requirements

Large Panels 

With over 30 years of experience, Etch Tech holds a UK leading position due to being uniquely equipped to handle large panels, supplying large panel etched components to areas such as: 
Private Residences 
Architectural Design 
Artists and Designers 
Interior Specialists 
3D Printing

3D Printing 

We now provide 3D printing services. When making prototypes you may know that SLS 3D printing is possibly the best way to produce and test your designs. So why not contact us today and turn your ideas into life. 
Etch-Tech: UK leaders in Etched Metal Components with Artwork and Architectural Metals.

Artwork & Architectural 

Architectural metals specialises in the design, fabrication, and installation of architectural components, doors, building facades reception areas, works of art, etc. 
Our team of experienced engineers will work closely with owners, architects, contractors, artists and designers, to create bespoke etched installations, and one-of-a-kind masterpieces. 
Metal Plating as a Finishing Phase to Components for Specific Requirements

Metal Plating 

Etch Tech are able to take care of any plating requirements you have for your etched metal components. Speak to our design consultations about your plating project today. 
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Laser cutting, as Part of the Chemical Etching Process, Offered by Etch-Tech

Laser Cutting 

Etch-Tech offers a single source solution to all metal component requirements, including Laser Cutting and Chemical Etching.The etching of metal more than 1.5mm thick starts to be less cost-effective. At this juncture laser cutting becomes more economically viable. Etch Tech is able to offer laser cutting services as a single-source solution for precision metal components. 
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Etch Tech Provides Full Consultation and Guidance on Your Chemical Etching Project - From Inception to Installation!

Project Consultation 

At Etch Tech we provide industry-leading customer service. Our design team will always be on-hand to help help make your metal component project a reality. Our design engineers can offer advice, and work with you for the duration of your project - From inception, to Installation! 
For any volume of the production of etched metal components the manufacturing technique of choice is Chemical Milling, see below for an in-depth view of the strengths of the process: 
Benefits of the Chemical Milling Process : 
Apertures on both sides as the etchant works on both sides of the metal 
Burr & Stress-free manufacturing method 
Custom parts – you design it – we make it! 
Cost-effective Prototyping 
Etch Tech can call on more than 30 years experience in the photo chemical etching of metal components 
High Accuracy 
Low cost tooling 
Industry leading lead times from inception to delivered components 
Prototypes – fast turnaround to meet your needs 
Scalable through Short Run to High Volume 
To find out more about our Photo Etching Process please email, or contact us on 01480 435 548 

Get a Fast Track Quote 

Tell us about your photo chemical etching requirements today and get a fast track quote. We aim to respond to requests within 4 hours of receipt of your contact, 24 hours guaranteed! 

Consult with our design team now! 

Wondering if chemical milling is right for your project? Consult with our team of experienced designers today and we can begin working together! 
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