This screening can has many features such as a spring fingered lid and spot welded sides. We can also etch any logos or part numbers onto any surface of the screening for no extra charge. 

STANDARD SIZE SCREENING CANS   Etch-Tech provide a range of standard size screening cans for our clients to enjoy. Please take a look at our drawings.  Please contact us for a qoute.     VARIENTS WE OFFER: 

4-PFL (4 sided, plain folded lid) 
4-SFL (4 sided, spring fingered lid) 
4-SFL-SMT (4 sided, spring fingered lid, surface mounted) 
4-2SFL (4 sided, 2 spring fingered lids) 
5-SF (5 sided, supplied flat) 
5-F (5 sided, formed) 
5-F-SMT (5 sided, formed, surface mounted) 
5-F-TE (5 sided, total enclosure) 
(See picture below for reference) 
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