Large Panel Chemical Etching 

A feature of Chemical Milling which is difficult and expensive to replicate by any other manufacturing technique, is the ability to etch complex surface detail to a high degree of accuracy. This difficulty is magnified by increasing the surface area with larger panels. 
Here at Etch Tech we hold a UK leading position due to being uniquely equipped to handle large panels, supplying large panel etched components to areas such as: 
Private Residences 
Architectural Design 
Artists and Designers 
Interior Specialists 
Etch Tech have a wealth of experience in the chemical milling of large panels. Our skilled graphic design department can design for you, or use your supplied design. Your designs can be supplied as 'clean etched' items or with paint infill to your colour specification. Call our engineers today and consult with them about your large-panel etching project. 

   View Some of Our Previous Work on Instagram 

We will often be updating our Instagram page with images from our past and present projects, including large metal panel etching. With a focus on Artwork and Architectural products, follow the link below to find out more and let us impress you. 
Etch-Tech: Large Panel Surface Etching Specialists

Only the highest quality 

Etch Tech have developed an advanced process which allows the surface etching of curved surfaces and other complex shapes, such as large panels, that in the past have proved too difficult. This technique was recently used for etching large panel doors for The Quadrant developers in London (See above image). 
We are specialists in this etching large metal panels and difficult, such as curved, surfaces and are always looking for our next challenge. If you have a requirement for etched large metal panels then contact us below and begin working with Etch Tech's team of experienced designers today! 
Typical large panel metal products which are manufactured by Chemical Milling include: 
Signs and Plaques 
Retail Displays 
Architectural Metalwork 
Architectural Models 
Large Panel Doors 
Etched Metal Panel Floors 
Wall Installations 
Natural Light Filters and Installations 
Benefits of the Photo Chemical Etching Process : 
Apertures on both sides as the etchant works on both sides of the metal 
Burr & Stress-free manufacturing method 
Custom parts – you design it – we make it! 
Cost-effective Prototyping 
Etch Tech can call on more than 30 years experience in the photo chemical etching of metal components 
High Accuracy 
Low cost tooling 
Industry leading lead times from inception to delivered components 
Prototypes – fast turnaround to meet your needs 
Scalable through Short Run to High Volume 
To find out more about our Photo Etching Process please email, or contact us on 01480 435 548 

Get a Fast Track Quote 

Tell us about your photo chemical etching requirements today and get a fast track quote. We aim to respond to requests within 4 hours of receipt of your contact, 24 hours guaranteed! 

Consult with our design team now! 

Wondering if chemical milling is right for your project? Consult with our team of experienced designers today and we can begin working together! 
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