Encoder Discs & Actuators 

Etch Tech have significant experience in prototype through to volume production for a vast range of highly-accurate motion control, measurement, and positioning applications. Our chemically etched encoder discs and actuators are burr and stress free, with an incredibly fine level of precision. Our flexible, single-source production process is fully equipped to handle any requirements and finishes you have for your encoder discs or actuators. 
At Etch Tech we have a wealth of experience in the manufacture of encoder discs with extremely small slot resolution (line widths from 0.004 in. [0.10 mm], in a wide range of thicknesses dependent on the specifications of the encoder, as set by the customer. Etch Tech makes phototools in-house, and manufactures in the photochemical etching process, meaning that we can manufacture high precision optical encoders. Furthermore, due to the precision of the process, we guarantee exact slot repetition from one slot to the next, as well as a stress and burr-free encoder disc or actuator. Component tolerances are typically held within 10% of material thickness. 
Etch Tech can supply Photo Chemically Etched metal encoder discs and actuators in the following materials: 
Berillyium Copper 
Stainless Steel 
And many more, please contact our engineers for more information. 
Design tolerances 
The Photo Etching process in place at Etch Tech Ltd is capable of etching extremely fine detail into metal. We have extensive experience working closely with customers to offer improved design tolerances on our encoder discs and actuators. Please contact our design engineers so discuss your requirements. 
For any volume of the production of Encoder Discs & Actuators, the manufacturing technique of choice is Photo Chemical Etching, see below for an in-depth view of the strengths of the process: 
Benefits of the Photo Chemical Etching Process : 
Apertures on both sides as the etchant works on both sides of the metal 
Burr & Stress-free manufacturing method 
Custom parts – you design it – we make it! 
Cost-effective Prototyping 
Etch Tech can call on more than 30 years experience in the photo chemical etching of metal components 
High Accuracy 
Low cost tooling 
Industry leading lead times from inception to delivered components 
Prototypes – fast turnaround to meet your needs 
Scalable through Short Run to High Volume 
To find out more about our Photo Etching Process please email, or contact us on 01480 435 548 

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